Critically on the Spectacle of Travel

TravelApril 12, 2021
Some thoughts on the fashion of travel and contemporary attitude on it. Is it only more and more that is important?!
Discover the Colors of Morocco

FascinationsAugust 3, 2020
Morocco is one of the most colorful countries in the World! Nature, the people, and their dresses, the homes, the national flag, even the cities have each its own color! There is no way Morocco can leave you cold or uninterested... after all, colors evoke beautiful feelings
Creative workshops and Workshop Tours

About ECTJuly 6, 2020
Creative workshops on our tours help deepen the experience and communication with the visited country, as well as within the group. They have been carefully planned and never happen inadvertently. Our guests need not be artists at all. It is enough that they are curious and interested in new experiences, and open to trying.