Morocco Grand Tour

Duration: 13 days

Size of the group: 5 to 18 guests
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• Accomodations in Riads and Luxury hotels
• Yves Saint Laurent experience and Majorelle garden
• A professional photo shooting in magical Sahara dunes
(with Moroccan costumes and camels)
• A Moroccan afternoon »Ladies time together«
and »Gentlemen's time out« and still more...


About Morocco

Morocco is one of THE MOST COLORFUL countries in the world. And not only the nature, complexion of the people, and the colours of the facades! Above all, it is culturally colorful.
In only one country you can enjoy the eclectic mixture of the Arab world, the African roots and European (French and Spanish) cultural flavours. Hence the country is a real heaven for everybody that loves beauty, creativity, and authentic tradition, as well as ECLECTICAL CULTURAL BLENDS. This gives many faces to a Moroccan culture.

If you like the ORIENTAL ATHMOSPHERE, you won't be dissapointed. You will feel like a leading role in one of the tales of Arabian Nights exploring the old Medinas (Old Towns) with narrow alleys, sitting under the magical sky in the desert, riding a camel, or bargaining in the ancient markets- called the Souks.

Due to its rich history and its unique geographical position on the crossroads of cultures, Morocco also passes on important knowledge to its visitors. Not only that Moroccans learned well how to coexist in a multi-cultural world, but they can teach us of the values of the community, the importance of sharing and the necessity of caring for eachother.

Treasures of Morocco, A Riad courtyard in a hotel, boutique accommodations

Our Grand Tour

Our Grand Tour brings the scenery, cultural boutique experiences and flavors of the country into your 13 days.

On our tour we travel through MANY DIVERSE LANDSCAPES. We start at the Atlantic coast with the famous Casablanca, and the Moroccan capital Rabat. From there we continue through the Mezeta's plain and enjoy watching the extensive olive grooves and (even!) vineyards en route to the oldest city of Fes. We dedicate 2 full days to Fes, enjoying in the city's visit for a day and indulging in a direct experience with a hands-on workshop. Continuing across the mountain passes of the Atlas mountains, we enter the land of ancient Kasbahs, palm grooves and fertile valleys amids the dry deserts. At the end of the day we enjoy a camel ride up the sandy Sahara dunes and spend a once-in-a-life-time night in a luxury desert camp and enjoy our desert dream. After crossing the High mountains once more, our last days will be spend in the most fashionable of the Moroccan cities- Marrakech, the Red Pearl of the South. We will spend 4 nights in Marrakech and relax and enjoy the unique artistic and designers athmosphere of the city. Before leaving home we will visit Essaouira, a picturesque fishing town on the shore of the Atlantic Coast and maybe catch a glimpse of the famous sunset on the ocean from the impressive ramparts.

This tour isn't just a travel through, but instead invites you into an EXPERIENCE OF THE CULTURE. We travel into the country, not only in and around the country. We do this via:
1. staying in elegant boutique Moroccan Riad hotels and Villas, and for an unforgettable night in a luxury desert camp
2. indulging in the tastes and flavors of the world famous Moroccan Cuisine and getting into a tradition of Moroccan tea drinking. We included many of the meals to the program so that you will be able to try as many new tastes as possible, and we also included a few exceptionally beautiful meals for you to feel (and eat) like a Sultan.
3. joining in some hands-on workshops, where you will learn a new skill (or two) and we are sure they will bring new creative ideas into your home living also
4. unique guiding of Alja. She is a professional tour leader and the owner of Elegant Cultural Tours and will be acompaning you on this tour. Alja has done more than 550 days of guiding in Morocco (ever since 2006 on more than 50 tours across the country, from North to South) with different groups. She is also a professor of Art History and Sociology, so you can expect a lot of beauty, interesting insights, her rich knowledge of bringing cultures from around the world into her narrative of Morocco, and a deep love for working with guests.

Your Tour Director: ALJA


Alja is a Professor of Art History and Sociology of Culture, but had only worked in the sector for a little while before deciding to bring her talent and passion for teaching and rich insights' into tourism and guiding. This happened in 2002, and she has been organising and leading groups as a full-time job to different places around the Globe ever since.

Her specialist destinations are Morocco, Cuba, Ireland and Scotland, China, Turkey (where she lived for 3 years) and Central Europe (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, and Prague where she did a part of her studies of Art History).


Boutique elegant small hotels (Riads) with a unique athmosphere.

Great dining that covers all of the flavors of Morocco, as well as a few elegant meals for that special experience of Morocco.

Comfortable high quality transportation (we can't guarantee an AC on the dromedary, but apart from that there will always be a coach with AC)

The program covers Moroccan aspects and best sites, as well as ads 2 hands-on workshops for an even deeper experience and exploration of the culture.

The athmosphere on our tours is informal, friendly, and personalised so that each of the guests can relax and decide if (and how) they want to participate in conversations and activiteis, or weather they maybe prefer to experience more to themselves.
Morocco is quite big and the distance will sometimes demand longer days with more driving (check the program for that), but we like to take things slow, and so we balance out the longer days with those that allow an afternoon with only time for yourself to relax and enjoy the moment, swim in the pool, have a massage, do the people watch, take photographs or write a diary, or simply just stop, have a Moroccan tea and smell the roses (or orange blossoms).

Our topics are cultural and we aim at bringing you the Moroccan culture

We learned from Moroccans in helping the society, so each of our tours also contruibutes to a Women's Cooperative of your choice. As we visit them, you will be bale to decide on the spot who to donate your share to.

We encourgae you to observe, ask questions, understand and learn about Morocco and its people. We believe that travel is the best possible learning and so we aim at bringing understanding and knowledge, but we always do it in an entertaining and relaxed way. No long hours of dry academic knowledge and long listening while standing outdoors.

We travel boutiuque and elegant, but we keep our travel real and don't travel in a bubble. We aim at understanding the local culture and their challenges and meet them half way. If a culty ???? happens we aim at resolving things peacefully and with understanding the visited country and their culture. Some things are different on travel than at home and we find it a part of the experience to adjust and grow with every new experience.

What we do,
we do with all our hearts!
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