Who is ECT
We prepare and lead our own designed tours – Alja Mravljak is the owner and a tour director of ECT tours. She has been joined by fantastic and talented people from the tourism and culture sectors at our destinations, who help organize and deliver our tours to our guests.
Our intention
Through elegance and beauty we want to evoke emotions, creativity, and an understanding of tthe visited places, culture, and art. We invite our guests to enter that zone with us and find content for themselves that will add to their experiencing on the tour and their lives at home.
Our work is rooted in:
- EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE: we have been working in tourism since 2002 and have inspired a lot of our guests ever since,
- KNOWING THE RIGHT PEOPLE in the places we organise our tours,
- EXPERTISE: professional studies of Culture, Art History, Pedagogy, and Sociology,
- VOCATION: an innate feeling and love for what we do, and for delivering complicated topics in easy, enjoyable, and humorous ways,
- PASSION: A passion for working with people, passion for the places we organise our tours to,
passion for beauty, culture, and creativity accompanied by a deep need to always grow our knowledge further.
Via our network of local partners, we closely follow all the events and health and
security developments in the countries where we take our guests.
- STRICT EU RULES: We are bound to strict EU rules for tourist agencies and their business.
- LICENCE: Elegant Cultural Tours, Ltd. is licensed with the TGZS- Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia,
(Turistična in Gostinska zbornica Slovenije) under the license numbers 2412 and 2413
- INSURANCE: Elegant Cultural Tours Ltd. has the insurance for insolvency- insurance payment of the
costs in the event of returning (according to the Slovenian law for Travel Agencies and Tour Organisers).
- BANK TRANSACTIONS: the wired transactions/payments to Elegant Cultural Tours are safe. We operate
with a bank account within an international bank OPT group (SKB banka in Slovenia, EU).
Expertise - About Alja

University degree: graduated Professor of Art History and Sociology of Culture from the Ljubljana University's Faculty of Arts.

Modern Art in Ljubljana, editing catalogues for the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, guided at the Manifesta 3 exhibition (Ljubljana), worked as a director's assistant in a private Centre and Gallery P74 (Tadej Pogačar, Ljubljana), enroled in SCCA's program World of Art, School for Curators of Contemporary Art.


2002: Received a Slovenian national license for tourist guides from the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia, Chamber of Commerce (GZS) – licence number TVO435. Until today: professionally working as a tour director and a guide, organising and preparing tours with more than 130 days of guiding annually.


Meaningful and respectful relationships 
We cultivate meaningful relationships with our guests. We stand for the respect within the group, and for the people we meet on our travels.
A passion and deep love for what we do
We work very hard and we feel passionate about the things we bring to our tours.
Cultural travel with responsibility toward the visited culture
We observe and think of the impact we have on the visited culture. How much and how we leave our footprints – physically and culturally – is important to us.
Understanding the unpredictability of travel
We believe that travel is like life. There are many things that change daily, or hourly. Many times patience and a readiness to understand, change, and learn brings the best moments that we remember for many years to come.
We are sensible to the wrongs of the societies
and injustice of the helpless. We try to do as much as we can to help the beautiful people we work with, to earn an honest living with their good work and their talents.
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What we do,
we do with all our hearts!
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