Morocco, Elegant Grand Tour
June 28, 2020


Elegant Grand Tour in Morocco


On our Elegant Grand Tour, we take our guests to the North of Africa, so close that we almost can touch Europe, yet so far from the Western cultures. Morocco keeps its centuries-old traditions, cities, and way of thinking that to a Westerner, look and feel like a glimpse into an oriental hammam where Sultans enjoy in their opulence and are joined by exotic young Odalisques. Charm, mystique, and authenticity are following a visitor on every step.

Morocco is an amazing country that shows its beauty and abundance to visitors only when they travel through its diverse landscapes. From its fertile plains with biggest cities, across the majestic Atlas mountains, and toward the spacious Sahara desert, Morocco grows deep into oneʼs heart more every day that they spend there.

Morocco is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. The landscape, the people, and the outfits of the locals show a plethora of color. The country offers an inspiring blend of the Orient, the Arab world, Europe, and Indigenous Berbers. The abundance of the past and sumptuous sultansʼ lifestyles gave rise to the hospitality and refined luxury they hold for visitors who wish to experience the story of One Thousand and One Nights live.


We would like to welcome you to become a precious guest to Morocco on our beautiful Elegant Grand Tour – to the country where the majestic past meets the colorful present.

Welcome to Morocco!






On our Elegant Grand Tour in Morocco, we visit all the famous sites of the country- the »Imperial Cities« of Morocco (Fes, Marrakech, and Rabat), an elegant art deco style beauty Casablanca, french colonial styled city of Rabat, the most traditional and the oldest city Fes, and the designers' heaven and the pearl of Morocco, the imperial city of Marrakech.

Yet, the cities are only one part of Morocco and the most memorable adventures usually happen on the »Other side«, in the Sahara desert. The French (in their times of Protectorate) called that part, a »non-useful« Morocco, but for us, it brings so much joy and such big value to travel. In the Sahara desert, we stay in a luxury camp and enjoy a relaxing day under the golden-chocolate-colored dunes. For a few hours, and a whole day we enjoy the company of camels (dromedaries) and a professional photographer who takes authentic portraits of our guests in traditional Moroccan costumes.


All our tours are prepared with love for the beautiful details, small surprises, and elegance. Should you wish to receive the full program of the Elegant Grand Tour in Morocco, please send us an inquiry via Contact Form.


You are welcome to read about basic Facts on our travel, and about how our days look like, what to expect on our tours, what we stand for and more in How we travel.




Morocco has so much to offer, that we prepared also some possible beautiful extensions and variations to our tour to help inspire our guests in case they have enough time to prolong their travel in the country.



With having three days more, we love to visit Chefchauen, the unique blue city of the North. Nestled in the Rif Mountains, the town of Chefchauen is world-famous for its blue-washed appearance. The facades of the old Medina (old town), and its tiny narrow streets are all blue. The colorful background makes for a peculiar photograph (and so do many fluffy iconic cats that reside in the city). Time spent in Chefchauen is always special and somehow magical.



With three days more we can offer the guests a visit to Essaouira, a town as pretty as a small picture on the Atlantic coast (that's what the name means in a local dialect). There is just no better place in the whole country to relax, breathe in the fresh Atlantic air and soak in the warm sun, sitting on a terrace overlooking the ocean waves, with a proper Moroccan mint tea in one's hand. Essaouira is well-known for being a bustling fishermanʼs town with blue colored wooden boats, tied up in the old harbor and colonies of seagulls. The city excites with its imposing old ramparts (featured in many movies), white facades with blue doors and windows, workshops of woodcarvers, and the tradition of making the precious argan oil. It is also home to a festival of black African, Gnawa music, and the legendary visiting place of famous musicians such as Jimmy Hendrix, Cat Stevens, and Frank Zappa . . . unless that is nothing but a myth?


For more information on this tour and a program, please feel free to contact us via our Contact form (where we can also arrange for your live call via Skype or IMO).


Thank you and we hope to maybe see you one day, in Morocco!







  • A Moroccan afternoon “Ladies time together” and “Gentlemenʼs time out”
  • Shopping the Marrakesh souks (markets) with our own private Stylist and/or Interior Designer



  • Oriental and designers accommodations: staying in luxury riads, 5-star hotels and in a luxury desert camp in Sahara
  • Private concert in the courtyard of a palace
  • Sunset horse-carriage ride in Marrakesh
  • Yves Saint Laurent experience and Majorelle garden



  • A photo shooting in the Sahara desert dunes with a professional photographer in precious Moroccan costumes and on (or off) a camel (within a true atmosphere of the desert)
  • A calligraphy lesson for writing oneʼs (the guests) name in Arabic
  • And much more

Why do we add creative hands-on workshops? Please, read Creative Workshops and Workshop tours.

A NOTICE ON OUR TRAVEL We travel elegantly and luxuriously, but we do not intend to travel isolated from the country and the culture we visit. We do not avoid the hosting cultures, their traditions, and customs, but rather explain and encounter them, and accept them for what they are. If the countryʼs standards are lower than those at home, we understand it and try to appreciate the efforts local people put into trying to meet our expectations. If you are interested more in our values, please read Our Values.





In Morocco we stay in three different kinds of accommodations: firstly 5-star hotels in the city centers, then traditional boutique Riads (in case of a bigger number of participants to our tour we sometimes have to split and stay in two or three separated riads) and lastly in a luxury desert camp in Sahara.



is a traditional Moroccan townhouse where everything revolves around the inner courtyard with a decorative fountain oftentimes filled with scented water and fresh flower petals (the wealthiest riads even have a small swimming pool). A Riad doesnʼt have as many rooms as a hotel, so the feel is much more intimate and private. In a way, it feels like staying with a noble Moroccan family as a very much appreciated and respected guest. The rooms feature a unique traditional (or eclectic in style) decorations such as zellige (geometric mosaic decorations on the floor and on the walls), woodcarvings, and marble stuccowork. Every room of the riad is a unique artistic and handicraft expression, and they have no outer windows but are all turned toward the main courtyard allowing for total privacy, silence, and fresh air that could otherwise hardly be attained from the street windows.

Without knowing exactly where the house is located, one can never find the entrance to the Riad in the labyrinth of the old town's streets. The wealth of the owners reveals itself only upon entering this private heaven. The Riads are real palaces, an exceptional delight to visit, and even more so, to stay in! We believe a loving Moroccan tour needs to bring an experience of a Riadʼs luxury, charm, and hospitality.




When under the dunes in the Sahara desert, we stay in one of the beautiful luxury camps. The desert camp offers double-occupancy tents with proper and comfortable beds, Air Condition, and an authentic bathroom en suite. The tents are beautifully decorated in a traditional style and offer the same level of comfort as the hotel rooms, except for ...


It simply is such a fantastic experience to sit in front of your tent in the evening, silence all around, and watch how the sun quickly sinks behind the golden dunes in the distance. Evenings in the camp are an out-of-this-world experience. In the silence unlike any other place in the world, we sit and enjoy a glass of wine under a million stars sky arch.


Home (camp) prepared and cooked dinner is usually a real spectacle of tastes, smells, and fresh ingredients. A table is lit with candles (and so are the paths to each of the tents), the table cloth is in place... now, how about some Berber music ... and maybe some desert storytelling?




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