Workshop Tours
June 26, 2020


Workshop Tours


Workshop Tours are a beautiful way of bringing one’s passion or hobby into holiday and travel. On these tours, we spend creative time with local people and experience non-touristic, elegant places where the workshops are held. This makes the experience much more intense than normal tours.

Many times we form long-lasting friendships with like-minded local people, the expert tutors, and within the group.





  • Plenty of time for the selected workshop, learning, experimenting, and communicating
  • We stay in the same city for the duration of the workshop, then we travel around the country with the many possibilities of practicing newly acquired knowledge and skills
  • Spending time with like-minded people in the group and the local tutors
  • Passion, love, and dedication for the interest subject, but also allowing the time to enjoy the moment and the experience
  • We learn and create in beautiful, authentic places where tourists usually have no access
  • Local schools and tutors, with vast knowledge and love for what they do and how they do it. They pass on high-quality knowledge in an inclusive, full-hearted atmosphere
  • An elegant and luxurious experience in matters of program, accommodations, and transportations
  • A professional, passionate, and dedicated tour director and tour guide


A NOTICE ABOUT OUR TRAVEL AND WORKSHOPS We travel elegantly and luxuriously, but we do not intend to travel isolated from the country and the culture we visit. We aim at keeping our travel real. We do not avoid the hosting cultures, their traditions, and customs, but rather explain and encounter them, and accept them for what they are. If the country’s standards are lower than those at home, we understand it and try to appreciate the efforts local people put into trying to meet our expectations. You are welcome to read further about Our Values.


For more detailed information, please send us your inquiry via Contact Form, where you can also ask for a live call via Skype or IMO (with a prior arrangement).






Argentine tango workshop in Ljubljana (Slovenia), with Argentine Tango World Champions in their studio in Ljubljana and a milonga in Trieste (Italy) and Zagreb (Croatia)

Argentine tango workshops in Havana, Cuba in a unique vintage atmosphere (dancing in art galleries and on an elegant Prado pedestrian street) with a real feel of the 1930-is, followed by travel in Cuba

Salsa workshops in its home country, Cuba (we dance in studios in Havana and Santiago de Cuba)

Viennese Waltz workshop in the cradle of a waltz, Vienna (Austria)... possibly followed by an Evening Gala Ballroom



In Havana and traveling around Cuba: Storytelling Photography (open-air and indoors: studio and in an old colonial villa), and Portrait photography (with all those interesting Cuban models!)

This workshop is prepared with the collaboration with the EFCDH, a private School for Photography in Havana. We also use their studio.

We will be adding more programs as the interest grows. Please, contact us via our Contact Form, so we can discuss matters further if you are interested into this topics and travel.

Thank you!




The workshops:


  • LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE: from beginners to advanced (depends on the group)
  • MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT: will be provided by the tutors and schools, any additional equipment demands will be communicated to our guests in an Information letter that we send out to our guests approximately 10 days before the beginning of the tour (for the photography workshops the guests should bring their own camera and memory cards and any personal photo equipment)
  • LOCATIONS: the environment is very important for us, so we try to find places that are authentic and elegant, with a local charm that adds to the experience and creativity


The tutors:


  • Are local experts, creatives, and artists
  • Are teachers in specialized local schools, so they know the pedagogical processes within a student
  • Have great knowledge and big love for what they do and teach
  • Use the English language for teaching



Why we love Workshops that much? Please, read Creative workshops and Workshop Tours.

There is also a real story A hands-on Moroccan workshop experience of Alja. This is the very reason why we add those tours and how.


If you like our ideas and topics, mentioned above, we invite you to contact us via our Contact Form, sign up to receive our email offers and behind the scenes (in the box below), or read on about our other tours and experiences.


We are deeply in love with all our destinations and you can read more about them in Morocco, Cuba, Vienna to Venice, Ljubljana and Slovenia.


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