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May 3, 2020


Elegant Cultural Tours


was made with the idea of traveling in style (and with a style), effortlessly learning insights on cultures, and sharing inspiration with like-minded people. Those were the core starting ideas, that had developed into more.

On our tours, we share the love for the design, high culture, and art with our guests and local experts. Together we enjoy inspiring cultures and the beauty and meanings of their art.

If you are interested in the topics we are in love with, please visit this part of our Home page, and if you are interested, you can read more about how we travel and our philosophy.


A word from Alja, the owner


We have gathered the most beautiful experiences in every program. I am the owner and a tour director of our tours. I offer my talents and my sincere intention for us to grow together and share the passion and beauty for our creative, man-made world.

I have an innate talent and love for working with people, as well as extensive knowledge I have gained from working and guiding different groups around different countries for more than 18 years. I also bring along a full suitcase of passion and expertise in pedagogy, which for me is introducing complicated topics in an understandable and inspirational manner.

With our guests, I share my favorite places, together with stories and secrets. I do it in person.

We travel in small groups with an authentic luxury travel style, and within a carefully prepared program in which we, together with our local partners have invested a lot of love and knowledge.


About this blog


This blog wants to bring honest, powerful, enchanting, and inspirational topics, videos, audios, and more. We possess a big love for beauty and art and a broad understanding of the places we travel to. We believe in the power of lifelong learning, so this blog is also a helper to spread the horizons beyond travel onto other topics.

We hope a reader, who likes to explore new places and wishes to deepen their knowledge and understanding, as well as enjoy beauty and art will find our writing valuable. But we also want to reach out to those who like travel (and culture and art), but prefer to enjoy in the luxury of their home’s armchair and all while sipping their favorite tea.

The topics will be: in-depth and behind the scenes of our tours and cultural experiences we offer, traveling in style, photography, cultures, and people, beauty and art, music, theatre, museums and galleries, dance, books and libraries, meaningful relationships, pedagogics and guiding, storytelling and more. We collected all our topics with beautiful icons here.


To our reader


We hope to create a space where we can spend quality time together, form honest relationships, and bring more hope and love for the world we live in. We aspire to leave you charmed with travel and contribute to your understanding and knowledge of places and cultures, past and present. Our wish is that you find interesting insights for yourself and with it enrich your own world(s).

If you would like to receive our e-mails where we share new happenings, exceptional experiences, undisclosed additions to our tours, insights, and more, please subscribe to our mailing list (below at the bottom of the page), or contact us via our Contact Form.

We will be happy to hear from you, read your comments, learn what inspires and interests you and what topics you would like us to research more in-depth... and maybe also present our programs and tours to you in a live chat via IMO or Skype (to set the meeting call, please use our Contact Form).

We thank you for your contributions and opinions. We hope to see you become our reader.

And perhaps also we meet one day someplace special.

Elegant Cultural Tours operates within a luxury elegant tourism sector. We provide high quality and authentic programs, reliable organizing, and excellent executing of the program on the location. We specialize in cultural tourism, traveling for Art and High Culture, and in organizing travel for small private groups.

Our specialties are authentic programs, signature guiding, and authentic luxury accommodations and transportations. You can read more about Our Specialities.

At the moment we offer three different programs- Morocco Elegant Grand TourVintage Grand Tour in Cuba, and Charming Grand Tour from Vienna to Venice (including Ljubljana, Slovenia).


If you would like to receive our program, please feel free to contact us via our Contact form.


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